Going with the Flow

Late in July I had the privilege of attending a Goddess festival, a celebration of the feminine and all we have to offer eachother and to the world. It was epic! We shared love, our hopes and our dreams and sealed it with some of the most magical moments I have ever experienced.

When the ceremony started, we all gathered together in a line as the hostess (priestess and lead goddess), saged us and cleared our energy as we danced to the perfect song for the moment. I was filled with happiness, hopefulness and an indescribable curiosity.

That song stuck with me the whole night. That moment forever etched in my brain.

You know how a song can change a moment, make it feel infinite and transcendent? Well the song that was playing did just that.

I vowed to myself that the first thing I would do once I had access to my phone again was find that song.

But as with all important things we plead with ourselves to remember, I forgot. I got to my phone and my mind immediately went blank. What were the lyrics to that song again?

I searched for hours on my phone, typing in any thing I could think of. “Popular songs to play at weddings” (this was totally a song I have heard at one), “popular songs of the 1970’s”, “Soft rock of the 1970’s”… I think you get my drift.

No. such. luck.

Disappointment flooded me. That song, that memory, it filled me with this incredible peace and bliss and it was gone.

Feeling defeated I took a deep breath and a voice spoke up inside of me, reminding me that the universe always knows exactly what I need. When I needed to hear the song again, I would.

Fast forward about a month and a half and you’ve got that magic moment. Remember when all of this happened? Well one morning I had stopped at the story to pick up a few thins before heading into work. As I was getting ready to check out, the man in front of me started talking to me and he reminded me so much of my grandma it made my heart ache. Between the stress of my job and the reminder of my grandpa, I was put over the edge. Tears filled the corners of my eyes as I rushed to get back to my car. Once inside, I turned the key and what song do you think filled the space between my speakers? Come and get your love by Redbone.

A smile exploded across my face. IT WAS MY SONG! I thanked the universe more times than you can imagine and of course, my grandpa because as much as he would have complained about the song being turned up too loud, I bet he didn’t like seeing me sad.

Divine order teaches us to trust where we are and be guided by what takes us. Believe it or not, the greater whole knows exactly what we need and how it can best be given. Have you ever had something not work out, only to have something even better happen?

They say “what you focus on grows”? Well when you start to let go of what you are trying to control and make happen, and start putting trust in the path that the universe is taking you on, you will find that instead of experiencing resistance and stress, you will have effortlessness and flow. Instead of spending your moments worrying about making things happen, you can take empowered action and trust that what’s coming is always going to be the best possible outcome.

With faith comes freedom.

I challenge you to spend the next few weeks letting life flow for you. As things come up, know it is all part of a greater picture, that you are being guided to something far beyond anything you could have concocted yourself. If something doesn’t work out, know that it is because something better is on the way. When doubt fills your thoughts, reassure yourself with the idea that you’ve got the universe (god, love, etc.) and nothing trumps that.

Remember what you focus on expands. Trust deeply that the divine is taking you exactly where you are meant to be and prepare yourself for all the magic that is about to unfold.

Smiles and love,


PS If you love this and want to hear more about divine order, I cannot recommend the book, “Outrageous Openness” by Tosha Silver enough. Seriously, pick it up today!

Link Lovin

Hi Friends,

I thought I would take a moment and share some of the fun things I am reading across the web. Hope you enjoy!

  • Remember when I talked about how much I loved Gala Darling’s book, “Radical Self Love” and said it was only available for a limited time. Well guess what my friends.. here’s why! WOOT WOOT!
  • Some awesome women share the best advice they ever received. I think I’ll throw some of these in my back pocket.
  • This list of top books to read to grow your business, make more money and enhance your life. Thanks, Kate Northrup!!! I’ve already ordered 5 of them.
  • Rachel MacDonald’s account on her first trimester and second trimester. Seriously melts my heart. If you haven’t discovered her yet, please do! She is simply lovely. In fact, here is a Q & A post featuring her!
  • Any other scorpios out there?
  • The simple recipe I just can’t get enough of!
  • I love Nisha Moodley and this blog post and what she has learned from her path.
  • Speaking of Nisha, here is an older post I found and loved on doing better, not more.
  • I am in love with my Get More Gabby subscription. It makes the first day of every month, something to look forward to!
  • Read this book, and LOVED IT! Review to come.

Happiness and smiles.


How to Beat Any Bad Mood

This past week has been devoted to finding time to breathe. To let my body rest from another ulcer flare up. Darn stress. Remember when I said things were a little crazy at work?

Isn’t it crazy to think about what we allow our minds to do? It’s an endless stream of thoughts, that unless we make an effort to censor, will slowly take us down. We truly can be our own worst enemy.

The irony does not escape me that I am only 27 years old and I have already let life burn me out. I’ve hit bottom. My body can prove it too. From the mild panic attacks and hours wasted fretting about deadlines that don’t actually matter all the way to my tired eyes, constant upset stomach, plummeting energy and now, a potential ulcer to top it off.

Just as Gabby Bernstein says, “I live in the light with fleeting moments of darkness.” I agree. It’s just that sometimes the darkness (perfectionism, low vibe people and anxiety) gets the best of me.

A major theme in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass is that we are called to teach what we ourselves need to learn. Well if that is the case my friends, strap on your seat belts because I am here to show you how to move past every day stress. I am going to show you how to not let life get the best of you. To stand up against the silly man-made stresses that burn our light out. My mission is to show you that there is more, and until I can do that fully, life will keep giving me lessons on how I can serve and prepare to be just the person we need me to be.

Here are some of my favorite ways to get my body and mind back in balance and on track:beat bad mood

  • Make an “Instant Uplift” or “Get Happy FAST” playlist

Music has a way of speaking to our soul in a way nothing else can. I swear, the right music playing in the car on my way to work can revolutionize my entire day. We all have those songs that make us happy and want to get up and dance the second we hear them. Put them all in one spot and blast it the next time you feel the blues start creeping their way back in.

  • Watch a favorite movie you haven’t seen in a while

I was feeling hung up over the fact that I wasn’t feeling well ( I really take a lot of pride in taking care of my body and my health) and couldn’t seem to let my mind drop it. My belly was starting to hurt and I was ready to be done with it. I sprawled out on my couch and turned on Netflix and found a movie I haven’t seen since high school. Next thing you know I was smiling and my mind was so wrapped up in the movie, I couldn’t event remember why I was so worried.

  • Reread one of your favorite books… even if it’s just skimming until you get to your favorite parts!

I do this all. the. time. The Sea of Tranquility is my go to (Excuse me while I swoon). I have honestly read that book more times than I can even count, but it is a guarantee that I’ll close the cover in a better mood than when I started. I love the story, I love the characters, I love the love and I love the magic of the book. Find a fiction book that makes you squeal in excitement and you have found yourself a forever treasure.

  • Clean

I know what you are thinking…the thought of cleaning is stressful within itself. Especially if you have a husband that leaves his dirty socks hanging around. But sometimes, that mindless busy work is just what you need. I’ve been known to do a number on the weeds in my garden too! Find something that takes minimal thought and go to town!

  • Meditate

I know this sounds obvious, but I can’t not put this on the list. Find a meditation that revitalizes you. Find one that lifts you up and clears your energy. I love all forms of meditation but when I am really feeling cluttered and fatigued, I immediately head for the nearest tree. A couple of summers ago, I took a Tai Chi class with my friend where we were taught a tree meditation. It’s so simple but can bring about a real shift. You find a strong tree or plant and raise your palms to face the tree, feet (preferably bare) are planted firmly in the ground. You close your eyes and feel the energy radiating off the tree and allow the energy to flow through you, replacing the negative energy you were carrying and sending it out through the bottom of your feet. Trees are sturdy and bold. The winds of life come and go and they may bend and blow, but they always remain grounded, fierce and full of an indescribable peace. Just like the winds of life, you too can live like the tree. Try this next time you feel out of balance, or need to regroup.

Remember, half the battle of fighting stress is choosing to think higher thoughts.

I love you.


When Cant’s Become Cans

My intention for today was to spend my moments notching off items on my ever growing to do list at work and then come home and release with some work on the blog. However, by the time I finally sat down to type, I was at a loss. No words were coming to my brain and my collection of post ideas were of no help. Insert heavy sigh here.

I’m tired and worn out from a weekend of emergency room visits (my dog and myself) and reactions to medication (my dog). My body and mind need rest. Once I let that idea mellow into my being, I realized that just because I can’t right now, doesn’t mean I cannot later on or tomorrow. This rest is only preparing me for something greater than I can give right now.

Life is full of opportunities. Let’s learn to live in the thought of what is needed for ourselves right now. Let’s take care of ourselves and know that just because we feel defeated in a certain moment, doesn’t mean we aren’t about to overcome the challenge as soon as the time is right. Something big is always brewing my friends. Believe in it.

How is that from some #tuesdaytruth.

Sending happiness and smiles,


Living In Your Fear

For my entire professional life, I have not so secretly panicked about losing my job. Overly paranoid and a perfectionist at heart, I cannot even recall how many moments I have wasted worrying that I would be unemployed against my own will. It wasn’t even as if I had done anything to make it a cause for concern, it is almost as if I was just so afraid that something that made me feel so secure would be gone in the blink of an eye and it would make me feel like less of a person.

Over the past year, the university I work for has gone under major transformation. From a new leading staff to a potential name change, some days it is hard to believe it is even the same place I have always loved and will continue to love so deeply. On Monday, my biggest fear almost came true, I walked in to find out that they were eliminating 161 positions that day and the next. We had been warned for months, but in my heart of hearts I hoped it would never come to be. I raced to my office and allowed my chair to catch my quickly collapsing legs. Was my biggest fear about to come true?

As each hour passed I heard of more and more of my friends getting let go, images of them walking off campus with a box of their belongings flashing across my mind.

That evening, the lesson I was studying through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass (Oh PS! I am currently enrolled in SJMC! Remember when I said I was making things happen?) Gabby taught us a technique about taking a fear inventory. Hey there universe, I like that you keep winking at me!

The practice of taking a fear inventory goes a little something like this:

  1. Determine how your fear is blocking you.
  2. Determine how it is holding you back.
  3. Determine how it is keeping you from being your best self and serving others
  4. Take a look at how you are comparing yourself to others
  5. Are you judging yourself and not accepting who you are?

To see a fear inventory in action, here is a brief example of what mine looked like:

My fear of being let go from my job is a reflection of my belief in not being good enough. This holds me back not just in work, but in my forward movement as an aspiring coach. Often times I find myself determined and eager to get my business started and help as many people as I can, but as soon as my ego catches up, I quickly question my ability to do this work. What is unfortunate is that while I am so busy worrying about not being enough, I could be missing out on helping the people who really need me. When I allow my fear to take a side step, I feel happy and like I am truly fulfilling my purpose.  Comparison is also a nasty enemy to get tangled up with. “But they are so much more experienced than me..”, “She is already doing it, so why does the world need me?” You get the idea… But what is so special about me is that I am me, and no one else is! I have my own special talents and ways of reaching others that you nor any one else can replicate. The same goes for you and your gifts! How awesome is that! (You should know this makes me really happy because I am a twin!)

It is also a great idea to take some time and actually live out your fear. Close your eyes and let your mind follow your fear. For example, I do lose my job, then what?

I followed my fear and the end wasn’t scary at all! It actually took me to where I hope to be just a couple of years from now. Sure, the timing wouldn’t be ideal, and I would have to take some extra measures to stay afloat but in all reality, it wasn’t so bad.

If this exercise teaches you anything, I hope it teaches you that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. Allowing your mind to take you to that place, shows you that there is hope in hopelessness and that a lot of times when things we fear happen to us, it is just a way of helping us overcome a part of ourselves we couldn’t get by without the help of the universe.

You will be happy to know that as of now, I still have my job and I am beyond grateful as it will help support me as I continue my journey towards being a coach. I ask that you join me in sending positive thoughts and prayers to so very many of my colleagues and dear friends in hopes that they will find the peace and support they need during this time and that they will see that this really was the best thing that could happen to them.

Don’t be afraid,


My Summer Reading List

AHH Summer! Sunshine, gardens and fresh air… I just can’t get enough. Perhaps my favorite part of summer is the time I get to spend outside on my deck, breathing in the fresh flowers and mint that surround me as I hear giggles from the children at the park.

For the better part of the summer, my butt has been planted on my favorite patio chair, water bottle in hand as I devour book after book. Nothing makes me more driven to soak in the words of the written word quite like humidity and reading by sunlight.

Since we are about half way through summer ( I know, I hate to admit it too), and I am an avid reader, I thought it would be fun to share my summer reading list. Enjoy 🙂summer reading

What I’ve read:

Currently Reading:

  • Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara: I am about half way through and know this book will be one I treasure for a long time! Cannot recommend it enough… PS it has five stars on amazon. 5 STARS!
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki: As I move forward with the hopes of someday owning my
    own business, I find myself being called to explore more money conscious books. So far, this book is enlightening and definitely easy to comprehend. I got the idea to read this book, and a few others on my to-read shelf, from a recent blog post Kate Northrup wrote about her top books for growing your business, making more money and enhancing your life. You can check it out here.

What’s Up Next:

  • The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss: This book came highly recommended by a friend, so it immediately went to the top of my “to read” shelf.
  • To Sell is Human: The surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink: Another recommendation by Kate Northrup. In my job now as well as in the career I hope to have in the future, selling is important. I figure no matter what, this book is a win win!
  • Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell: I have been eagerly awaiting this book since Rebecca announced that it was going to be published. I have listened to her speak through many different avenues, but most recently through the Hay House World Summit. To see why I am so super pumped about it, you should check out her blog here. She is a big promoter of shining your light!

What are you all reading? Anything you highly recommend? Can’t wait to hear! I am always looking for recommendations.

Happiness and Smiles,


Your Inner Mean Girl

We all have that friend, or perhaps acquaintance is a better term. You know,the one dishing out back handed compliments leaving you in the dust behind all the internal work you have been doing on yourself.

Maybe this person isn’t even your friend, maybe it is a coworker or a family member and no matter what you do you can’t escape them tearing you down.

If we are lucky, and feeling confident enough, we reach a point where we just can’t take it anymore and we stand up for ourselves. We tell them they are wrong or that they are hurting us and we do everything we can to put an end to it.

Unfortunately, I can almost guarantee that each and every one of us, myself included, has at least one mean girl (boy) that we just can’t address. We don’t know how.

How do I know you ask? I’m brilliant, of course! 😉

Just Kidding.

I know because she lives in my head. And I am pretty sure you have someone taking residency up there too.

“You’re not good enough.”

“You need to lose weight.”

“Why can’t I look like that.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

“What if I lose my job?”

I have seen people be cruel and mean. However, I also know that nobody touches a cord more than the thoughts racing through our minds, fueled by the people on the outside who have all seemed to join the same team.

Isn’t it almost like it’s a completely different person living up there. They have no connection to us yet their soul purpose is to try to tear us down.

So how do we keep her (him) in check?

  • Give those negative thoughts a name. Make it seem as if it really is another person outside of yourself. The moment your mind starts tearing you down, or gets you worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet, get Jane in check. Take a moment to be present with your thoughts and realize, “There goes Jane worrying again.”
  • Now that we have separated your thoughts away from your being, try to imagine what you would do if Jane was a person, one of your friends and she was speaking these words to you. Wouldn’t you get pretty annoyed? I know my reaction would be, “Jane, why are you so negative?” or “Jane, do you do anything but worry? It’s going to be okay.” I’m telling you, we would never let other people carry on like we let the voice inside our heads do.
  • When all else fails, write in a journal. Journaling was an introduction to my mind. I wrote down my thoughts, my worries and my fears. Not only was this a great way to release what was overtaking my mind and receive some sense of clarity, I was able to look back and really see what I was allowing my mind to do. I am telling you, get a journal.

No matter what, always remember becoming aware of our negative thoughts and patterns is the first step to turning it all around. We deserve the best and most positive people in our lives, and that includes the gal in your head getting free room and board.

PS if your name is Jane, I apologize for using your name as an example. Consider this your invitation to name your inner mean girl Brittany 😉

Happiness and Smiles,